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Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is a powerful form of online marketing that can produce a steady stream of leads and sales.

Our expert team can build a PPC advertising campaign for your business that gives you more leads, sales and revenue. We can also optimize your existing campaign to achieve a higher conversion rate and better ROI for your business.

At Rankmetech, our team of certified PPC experts can help your company with all aspects of PPC marketing & management, from advertisement services to account management, helping you maximize the success of your PPC campaigns and invest your budget wisely.

PPC is competitive. We don’t want you to risk losing a good client because of PPC learning pains. We’ll help you deliver on the promises of a quality service. You stick to what you do best and focus on your company’s growth. We will provide top-notch PPC services to your client. Building and manage the PPC campaign is our responsibility and you should focus on building your company and doing what you do best as PPC agency in Manchester.

Great Customer Service

We’re dedicated to providing great customer service. No matter how big or small your PPC advertising needs are, you’ll receive friendly, helpful service from our experts.Whether you need a large volume of traffic from day one or want to scale slowly, we’ll listen carefully to your needs and design a PPC campaign as per your requirements that achieves your goals.

Specialized In Google Ads

RankMeTech has no shortage of expertise when it comes to Google Ads Optimization. Our specialists have been driving successful pay per click advertising for many years in Manchester, UK. We work with clients of different sizes and budgets. From millions of dollars in ad spend a year to a few hundred per month, our efficiency and process are designed to deliver on campaigns from idealization to execution.

We don’t start the campaign until we understand what is in the mind of your client and their consumers. By finding the most relevant keywords and creating copy that resonates with the target market, we’ve experienced success in multiple niches.

No doubt we are Certified Google Ads and Bing Ads Expert. Everyone knows that google is a popular search engine and a huge number of traffic comes on the Google and searching out every type of products and services as well. So the Google Ads plays an important role in this situation, you can advertise your business on the top of the Google search engine and can have lot of traffic that is actually searching for your business.


To advertise on Google, you should have to be Google Ads certified. We can proudly say that our entire PPC team are Google Ads certified, it means that your clients campaigns could never managing by non-professionals.

Services We Offer

Campaigns Management

Our Follow-Up Process

Audit Process

Audit process contains detailed keyword research as according to the nature of business. Keyword research performs in terms of keyword CPC, search volume, competition etc.

Campaign Draft

 Ad groups including keywords.

 Ad groups including keywords.

 Expanded Text Ads with 3 or 4 ad variations for split testing.

 Ad extensions that contains number of extensions according to the demand of campaign like site links, call outs, call extension, structured snippets, message extension, location extension, affiliated location extension, price extension, app extension and promotion extension.

 Negative Keywords list that contains general negatives to avoid from irrelevant search terms.

 Display banners designing (for display campaign).

Campaign Setup

 Basic campaign settings

 Basic campaign settings

 Location settings

 Bid Strategy

 Budget

 Ad Extensions

 Billing

 Bid adjustment

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is very crucial that should be setup before the beginning of campaign. In conversion tracking we can track all of those actions on website that consider valuable for the campaign like phone calls, form enquiries, button clicks, subscriptions, sales, sign up etc

We are using following platform for conversion tracking:

 Google Analytics

 Google Tag Manager

 Google Ads (as well)


Complete campaign analysis on basis, based on performance and find out optimizations for the campaign’s better performance.

Weekly Reporting

Campaign’s performance report will be send on weekly basis.



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