Ideal Places For Earning – Diamond, Gold and Silver

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November 24, 2017
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Ideal Places For Earning – Diamond, Gold and Silver

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You People are thinking that I am going to talk about the ideal places in the world from the earing point of view. You are WRONG. Now, you people are thinking that I want to share rich-minerals countries in the world. You are wrong again. Actually, I am going to talk with you about the top locations on the search engines results pages (SERPs), where, the invention of cookie and gradually increasing, the importance of digital marketing in this current area, changed search engine result page layout.

Yes, this is true. So, we can divide one result page, into three sections from the earning point of view. First one is top area of the search engine result page. Where your business can take the edge of the starting point of what your target visitors search in the search bar of the search engine. Search engines, devoted 15% to 20% of the search engine page, for the PPC. So, we can say, this area value is equal to diamond.

The second area starts from the Adwords onward. We can categorize this area into two sections. This is the gold and ideal place to increase ROI of the business. Like Google fixed 5% to 7% of the result page, for Local 3-Packs. And remaining approximately, 73% to 75% of the search result page, organized for organic search results for their visitors. There is one thing so important from the earning point of view is that top first 3 positions are more valuable than other positions onward like 4th,5th, and 6th etc.

You people are thinking why I am including from 4th position to onward, not valuable from the business point of view? The first top 3 positions are ideal search for the visitors, due to its fixed area for the PPC and local 3-Packs at the top. This is we can also called “a human behavior.” These positions, values are not zero but are equal to silver from the earning point of view. Below diagram shows the approximately percentage of the area given by search engine to each their products:

10% to 15% For PPC

7% to 10 % For Local 3-Packs

83% to 75% For Organic Search Results

(Note: All these percentages are assumed. Not fixed. It can be increased or decreased, depends on the completion around keywords or Nature of the products and services).

Now the question is that which area we need to select from the business point of view. No doubt, PPC, location grabs visitor’s intention in the beginning of the search and so that’s why its value is equal to diamond, but high competition and cost factor can never be neglected there. In short, we can say it is ideal for the businesses, especially for the small size businesses. So, digital marketing experts always recommended, Local SEO (NAP Optimization) and SEO. This is the most convenient and economical way of marketing. Anyhow, in short, either your marketing strategy is evolving around PPC, Local SEO, and/or SEO; ideally your business should place at the top results of the search engines.

Waseem Ansari

I immediately stepped foot in the competitive field of digital marketing where I learnt range of skills including Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, Webmaster tool, PPC, Social Media Management and miscellaneous tasks related to online marketing.

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