I totally agree with this statement “Whether you like it or not, competition is always there”. Competition explores all the things either you’re in professional life or in business. And strong knowledge is the ultimate need of time whenever you’re going to take part in any competition. So, keep in mind that competition is the founder of new ideas that become the reason of success in life or business as well. Anyhow, one thing is clear that be ready to face competition.

Anyhow, let’s come to the point. “Google facing competition”.  Yes, this is true. Google is currently going in “Down Graph Position” day by day. You people are thinking that I’m doing the comparison of Google with other search engines. The answer is “NO”. I’m going to compare it to the most popular social media platform Facebook. Interestingly, the increasing trend of using Facebook is not only because of the presence of this great social media platform, but also because of its search engine features that is gradually becoming popular in the world.

You people are thinking that how I can say Google is facing tough time in the market. Of course Facebook advertising is done by the Facebook team that gives tough time to Google. On the other hand you also know about Google AdWords that is one of the famous and major sources of earning for the Google. Need to launch “Google Plus” after seeing the popularity of Facebook, also the queue of this thing. Although Google active users are more than Facebook but difference in the figure is not enough. More than 2.2 billion monthly active users use Google. On the other hand, Facebook has 2.07 billion monthly active users. Quite interesting!

I think these points are not enough to realize the competition between Google and Facebook, but we are forced to think about this.

Traditional ways to Retain Users: Users now have been fed up. People always want change. So, increasing tendency in the usage of social media platforms have kept it alive, even it has far away users from the search engines. This is the truth, “Competitors are the source of learning also”. Rather than learning new tactics from the social media network to retain users, Google is still looking to adopt the traditional approach. Launching Google plus, was a good approach, but here Google team is looking to have a strong marketing strategy.

Shifting in the usage of Devices: With the passage of time, variation in users’ preference, users are now moving from desktop to laptop and from laptop to cell phones. Facebook app is one of the popular App in cell phones rather than Google search bar even though it is by default in such devices.

No doubt, Google is still the world’s largest and most popular search engine, but if Google experts don’t work on retaining and making the first preference for their users to search queries, Facebook will have definitely competed Google in the coming years. Yahoo is one of the best examples that failed in the market. The founders of Yahoo failed to make it user friendly and attractive for their users. Google Plus, still the best option for the Google that has potential to compete Facebook easily. Moreover, Facebook overall working is in the initial stage. Particularly, they are lacking in some of their Facebook advertising procedure. Just Google team needs to work on things!

(Note: All points stated in this article are on statistics and observation)

Waseem Ansari

I immediately stepped foot in the competitive field of digital marketing where I learnt range of skills including Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, Webmaster tool, PPC, Social Media Management and miscellaneous tasks related to online marketing.

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