Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Website Designing & Development (Especially Ecommerce), CRO, Local SEO and Copywriting, are our products. Our business model is White label. So, our services are for resellers.
This is business model in which products or services produced for wholesaler by the manufacturer. In short wording, business between manufacturer and wholesaler, not between manufacturer and end consumer of the product or services.

What is SEO and how it can be beneficial for you and your customers?:

Process of getting traffic from the free, organic or natural search results on search engines for your website. This is the dictionary definition that is what we doing at the backend.

Actually, it is the form of Marketing. Everyone knows the importance of marketing. Without marketing plan, you can’t expose what you have and you can’t survive in market. In this era of technology, way of buying and selling has completely changed. Today, people prefer to choose online shopping sources for getting goods and services rather than doing physical market visits. So, how can your business become favorite online spot for them? Without SEO, it is not possible.

What is White-hat & Black-hat SEO?

SEO, according to search engines’ rules and regulations, it is called white-hat SEO. Black-hat, is totally opposite. So, following black-hat SEO techniques, means get ready for the penalty from search engines end.

At RankMeTech, we follow 100% White-hat SEO Techniques to keep our clients in safe mode.

How much it will take time to generate results?

4 to 6 months to generate results around one campaign of SEO. It is not an estimation. It is according to what search engines wrote in our rule and regulation charts.

Why and what is included in SEO One Month Free trial?

To maximize one month earning in your pocket, RankMeTech will give you what is included in our SEO Process  (On-Page + Off-Page) like Keywords analysis, SEO Audit, Off page plan, biweekly and monthly reports etc. in 1 Month Free Trial.

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What is PPC?

Any advertising where pay per click activity is performed, is called PPC (Pay-per click). Currently, this is very effective technique of approaching target community. It is the paid advertising model that is known as Google adwords, Bing Advertising and Facebook Advertising.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is the google product. Google provides a dedicated place to catch your desired community at the top of the Google Search Results pages.

With the help of adwords account, we can setup ad campaign (also known as an Adwords Campaign). An ad campaign consists of ad groups and each ad groups contains ad texts (Snippet based on target keywords to bring on your website/landing page.).

How we can Assist you in Adwords Campaigns?

Our extensive knowledge and working experience with the google team around it, we know how to set up lead generation campaigns and we manage them very well.

Digital marketing is incomplete without SMM. Currently, very popular marketing tool that with the help of social networking websites, increase brand exposure and build up relationship with your target audience.

What are Social Networking Websites and how they work?

There are number of social networking websites but some of the popular websites that user prefer at first are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +.

Now the question is that how they increase brand exposure and build up relationship with your target audience. All these platforms are designed on one practice. Share a snippet that represents overview of the business.

Why we are Best in the Social Media Marketing?

To sustain relationship with your target audience, the dedicated resources are required. So, we have a separate department to run your campaigns smoothly.

A website is the presentation of your business. In other words we can say overview of your business. So, convert physical presence into online form, just fill up the following form either you’re looking forward for the website in HTML, Word-press. PHP, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Joomla, Wix or in any other CMS, let us know.

What is Local SEO?

Marketing practice that revolves, more or less, around a google business place setup.

What is Google/bing business place and why need to setup?

A business profile page or business location Info. page to show in Google/Bing map, is called Google/Bing Business Place or Google/Bing Business place page. It is actually setup to target local community to find out nearest what they need.

How add, Claim or Edit Google/Bing Business Place?

To facilitate and approach your target local community, need to add add, Claim or Edit Google/Bing Business Place. Our extensive knowledge and working with Google/Bing support team from number of years will assist you very well in this regard.

How can measure Local SEO Results?

Google/Bing Business Place insight report can help you to measure how you are effectively approaching your target local community. It is not only effective in building your relationship with local community; also generate fruitful results around keywords ranking of your campaign. So, why don’t you take double of edge by setup/claim business place list for your campaigns?

Why you need Graphic Designing Services?

This is 100% true that an image is the worth of thousand words. Your Social Media Campaigns, without eye catching stuff, worthless.

Quality vs. Quantity?

Your one time approach can double your return on investment (RIO). So, why don’t you need to choose quantity option over quality for your campaigns?

What is Copywriting and how much it is important for the digital marketing agencies?

Writing from the advertising point of view, is called Copywriting (Content writing). In digital marketing, content is the King. Google loves fresh content. No one can ignore/neglect the importance of content in digital marketing.

How Expert Copywriter, Blogger, Storyteller work for your campaigns?

The person, who has strong knowledge about digital marketing can only generate optimized material for your campaigns. So, this is so important whenever you’re going to write advertising promotional texts.

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